Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rethinking Retirement by John Piper

Crossway has some of the best theologically sound books on the market today, and they happen to publish a lot by one of my favorite authors and speakers, John Piper.

But, you may be like me...too much John Piper makes my head hurt! He goes deep, and I have to read his writings multiple times to get it all...kind of like eating ribs. It can get messy, but I've got to gnaw that bone till it's bare to get satisfied!

Anyway, "Rethinking Retirement" is PERFECT. It's premium John Piper teaching in a short book with a single point. I still had to read it twice, but it didn't take me long:-)

Most of us are thinking retirement with Social Security, mutual funds, savings accounts and traveling with no work on our plates. That's not the kind of retirement John Piper discusses.

With startling statistics about today's Baby Boomer generation, he illustrates how 'me' centered we've become and how we've lost our focus on Jesus as our true treasure.

I felt highly convicted as I read this powerful little book. John Piper tells us the story of Polycarp, which had me moved to tears and asking "Lord, make me like this, only me".

I cannot recommend this little book highly enough to you! John Piper is a voice that needs to be heard by our generation and the next to come...lest souls die without Christ while we're off playing with our toys.

I'm giving "Rethinking Retirement" five out of five bookmarks, with a pearl as a charm...reminding us all to seek Christ as our treasure of immeasurable price.

Happy Reading!


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