Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Did It HIS Way by Johnny Hart

Remember comic strips? How much fun it was to sneak that section of the paper and sit and laugh, chuckle, and smile? One my my all-time favorite cartoonists was Johnny Hart, creator of B.C.

His family has honored his memory and his testimony by compiling his faith-filled comic strips into a beautiful collection titled aptly, "I Did It HIS Way". Included in the book is a letter from Johnny's wife, Bobby Hart.

Johnny's testimony follows, and it's an encouragement to anyone who has a dream and wants to pursue it. Johnny wasn't always a believer in Christ, but once he was, you knew it! His comics often were pulled from major newspapers due to their blatant faith-based messages.

The book is filled with the best of "B.C.", along with Johnny's journey as a cartoonist and a man of God. What a fitting tribute! I was thrilled to get my copy, and had to fight off my son and my husband in order to have a chance to review it!

Father's Day is tomorrow, but it isn't too late to order a copy of "I Did It HIS Way". This would be ideal for the men in your life...and get one for yourself as well.

I'm giving "I Did It HIS Way" the Golden Bookmark for creative excellence and tribute, and voting it "Best Compilation of 2009".

Happy Reading!


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