Saturday, June 20, 2009

Midnight in Madrid by Noel Hynd

The sad thing about being an avid reader and reviewer is simply this: you can't like every book you read. Tastes differ and subject matter sometimes just doesn't connect with you as a reader.

However, that said, Noel Hynd's second in The Russian Trilogy keeps pace with his first novel, "Conspiracy in Kiev", and makes me eager for the final book to release sometime next year.

"Midnight In Madrid" finds US Treasury Agent Alex DeLuca on vacation, recuperating from the trauma she experienced on her mission in Kiev. Just about the time she finally begins to unwind, her cell phone rings.

This time, she's called to service in Madrid, in search of an antique piece of art that has been stolen and now vanished. Given supernatural history, the Pieta of Malta holds different meaning to different collectors...

...and thieves.

Can Alex unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of such a valuable piece of artwork? What could it's theft have to do with terrorism, and who is behind this rash of criminal behavior?

Plus, mourning the loss of someone dear to her heart, is Alex up for the job at hand, or should she just bow out and head for home? Is her head in the game enough to keep her alive this time as well?

Twists and turns happen every few pages, and the writing is crisp and filled with authentic detail. At times, I almost felt an information overload, but for history buffs and art world fans, this novel is right up your dark alley!

I didn't enjoy it as much as "Conspiracy In Kiev", but I loved it enough to long for the conclusion to Noel's trilogy of novels. Be advised some mild language and some graphic violence takes place in this story...just giving reader's a head's up.

In all, I'm giving "Midnight in Madrid" four out of five bookmarks with a cell phone as a charm...don't worry, it's a secured line! My only complaint was the detail of the artwork itself...which is minor!

Happy Reading!


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