Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday's Embers by Deborah Raney

Be warned: most Deborah Raney novels require at least a half a box of tissues. This installment in the Clayburn series may drain your entire box! Deborah has a gift for wringing every drop of emotion out of you...and you LIKE IT:-)

"Yesterday's Embers" explores the story of Doug DeVore and Mickey Valdez. Tragedy strikes on Thanksgiving, taking away two of Doug's precious family. Deborah paints such vivid characters so quickly that within three pages, you feel the blow just as her characters feel it.

Not long after the funeral, as Doug struggles to cope with five children and no clue what to do, Mickey wrestles with how to help them through their grief as she bears her own suffering...

...can she ever find the love of her life in Clayburn, have her own family, or will she forever be aunt and never mommy? As Mickey watches the DeVore family, she finds herself drawn to them.

Is it wrong? Is it too soon? What will people say? How will this affect the children? And can it ever work?

These are just some of the questions posed by Deborah's new and spectacular story. She threw me a twist I didn't expect, and it made the story more plausible and richer. One thing I can PROMISE you about Deborah Raney--she is NOT predictable, so be prepared to be surprised in EVERY book!

Of all the Clayburn novels, this one was the hardest to read. Maybe because of the news of Natasha Richardson's passing caused the story to nestle deeper into my heart. Or maybe I felt my own family's pain if something were to ever happen to me.

Regardless, this is also Deborah's best. But don't start with "Yesterday's Embers", although it can stand alone. Go back to where it all started in "Remember To Forget" and meet Trevor and Meg.

Get well acquainted with Wren's Nest. Then move on to "Leaving November" when Vienne comes home, along with the town's wayward son, Jackson Linder. Feel the love of the town as these two struggle to find their way in life.

Then travel alongside Doug and Mickey. You'll be all the richer for having spent so much time in Clayburn--trust me. I'm giving "Yesterday's Embers" five out of five bookmarks, with a bowling pin as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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Nise' said...

Just got this one too and am saving it for Sat. as I know once I start I will not be able to stop!