Friday, April 27, 2007

Remember To Forget by Deborah Raney

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Lots of women read novels by Karen Kingsbury. They get their tissues reading and crack open a cover on a new story, loving every page of it.

I have my own Kingsbury---and her name is Deborah Raney.

"Remember To Forget" is the story of Maggie Anderson and the story of Trevor Ashlock in the tiny Kansas town of Clayburn.

Maggie is running to escape an abusive relationship. Trevor is running from painful memories that haunt him. Their lives collide on an unexpected day and intertwine until they are forced to deal with their pasts in order to move into their present.

Deborah is a masterful storyteller. When Trevor goes into the old library, I can see the dust motes dancing in the sunlight beams, and smell the musty old bindings of the books. When Maggie, I mean Meg, devours a meal prepared by Wren, I can taste every nibble and salivate at her descriptions.

"Remember To Forget" progresses at the slow, southern pace I'm growing to love. Deborah reveals just enough information to keep you moving through the story, but not enough to clue you in on just where you're headed. Your heart aches for Maggie and what she's been through, and you just want to wrap Trevor up in a warm hug.

This story is filled with wonderful characters. I loved Wren and Bart and would love to stay at Wren's Nest. Mickey Valdez is such a sweetie---I kind of felt sorry for her because...well, you'll just have to read the novel to know why!

And one thing I've learned from reading Deborah's writings---don't expect to go where you thing you're going.

Deborah has a way of throwing you a twist that will wrench your heart and make you feel everything the characters feel. And all of you, imaginary and real, will be better for the journey.

An added appeal to this novel is a kudos to Howard Fiction--the design and layout of this novel was GORGEOUS!

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Clayburn, and hope for a return visit soon!

"Remember To Forget" gets four out of five bookmarks from me.

Happy Reading!


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Amanda said...

I'm a huge Raney fan too Deena! However, I'm also a pretty big Kingsbury fan, so I'm getting my tissues out twice as often!