Monday, December 8, 2008

Leaving November by Deborah Raney


Deborah Raney has the ability to write with passion and depth of soul that literally draws me into her story until I forget where I end and the characters begin. She is a gifted artist and I'm certain to use at least five or six tissues before I turn the last page.

Vienne Kenney has worked so hard at law school. This time, she HAS to have passed the bar. As she's checking the website, a call comes in that her mother has fallen and lost consciousness. The kind of life event that puts everything back into proper perspective, don't you think?

Jackson Linder is returning home--reluctantly. He can't help but wonder if his past will overshadow all the effort he's poured into his present. Re-opening his gallery takes so much effort that temptation seems to lurk around every corner.

Rumors and rumors of rumors---small town living! Vienne doesn't want to believe what she's heard, and Jack doesn't want her to believe it. But what we've gone through tends to color who we are, and unless God gains control it colors where we're going.

Failure and success are both redefined in "Leaving November". I longed for a cup of coffee at Latte-Dah and to drink in the color of Jackson's Main Street gallery. To nestle into the covers at Wren's Nest...and to soak in the atmosphere of Clayburn.

Everyone knows your business in a small town--which isn't always a bad thing. Support--encouragement--love--passion--intimacy--these are things you gain from life in a small town.

Visit Clayburn. Start with "Remember To Forget", then you can be "Leaving November". Be watching for the third in this series coming soon ("Yesterday's Embers"). But keep some tissues handy:-)

"Leaving November" receives five out of five bookmarks from me, with a money order as a charm...and the amount? Priceless!

Happy Reading!



Rel said...

Great book and great review, D!

Nise' said...

Love this series and can't wait for Yesterday's Embers.

Unknown said...

I've got both these books still buried somewhere in the TBR. I really should get to them soon since I want to read Yesterday's Embers when it comes out.