Monday, December 8, 2008

The Word of Promise: Next Generation by Thomas Nelson


When my husband found this for me, I was so excited. I absolutely am a Bible junkie, but hearing it read and dramatized is so rich and so thrilling. I've loved it since day one.

We were browsing in a Christian bookstore in the last few days and I saw this...


(Yeah, it's bigger--want you to have the full effect!) Now, before you start throwing tomatoes, listen to me, okay? Hollywood is known for it's debauchery and it's rejection of Christianity and the Word of God. So, how in the world can you make an audio series of the Word of God with a bunch of Hollywood teens?

I've watched the companion DVD and listened to the testimonies of some of the actors in this audio series...and wow. Wow. We have more Bible believing young people in the world of acting than we realize.

I'm not saying that everyone on this project truly believes in the Son of God...but more do than you'll realize. The quality of this set of CD's is amazing, and hearing these young voices bring Scripture to life...inspiring.

My two teens are stoked to get to listen to this set, and they've been googling and wiki-ing the actors to see who believes and who is "on the bubble"...we're now praying over these young people in our home.

So, don't judge. Pick this up for your family. Take a look at the "adult version" that I showed you in the beginning. Let God's Word come alive to you again in this generation and for those you love.

I'm so excited about God's Word, about God Himself, about Jesus, and about sharing my faith with those who desperately need to hear the message of salvation. This is a wonderful way to bridge that gap and to reach the young minds who are being torn into pieces trying to find truth.

I'm giving "The Word Of Promise: Next Generation" the Golden bookmark award, with a set of praying hands. Hold these young people up in prayer, whether you believe that THEY believe or not...because if they don't...they need to.

Happy Reading!



Bookish Ruth said...

You know, it never occurred to me that there are audiobooks of the Bible. Isn't that odd? I'm pretty sure we have some on our resource table, too, but I never took notice of them. This looks fantastic and I would have loved it as a teen!

Anonymous said...

I will be checking this out...and be praying for these young people. It is so neat to hear how much your children are enjoying it :o)

Thanks for the excellent information :o)


CherryBlossomMJ said...

Now that's pretty nifty.

kalea_kane said...

I would like to look into the new Word of Promise. I'll be honest, I have the Word of Promise from last year, and I could not get into it. What did you think of Jim C?

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Gave your post a shout out.