Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Author of the Month: Eva Marie Everson and 10 Fun Facts About Israel!

Normally, I'd blog ten things you didn't know about Eva. But this is actually more about this spectacular book than the author behind it (don't yell at me---she wants it this way, too:-)

So, we put our heads together and came up with a special treat for you. With all eyes on the Middle East right now, this is SO fitting:

10 Facts About Israel

10. Israel may be small, but it’s pretty amazing.

9. The most common greeting heard in Israel is “Shalom!” To return the greeting, you say, “Shalom, shalom!”

8. It is the only country that ended the 20th Century with more trees than it stared with. (The country planted 240 million trees!)

7. Israel bridges Africa, Asia, and Europe and has four bio-geographical zones: Mediterranean, steppe, desert and African.

6. Israel has 2,600 species of wild plants and 500 million birds migrate annually through it.

5. Israel has hosted more than 200,000 people from 130 developing countries for training in agriculture and other fields.

4. On the medical front, two out of the top three medications to treat multiple sclerosis were developed in Israel; Israeli microbiologists developed the first passive vaccine against the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, and an Israeli company developed the first ingestible video camera to help diagnose cancer and digestive disorders, so small it fits inside a pill.

3. Israel has the world's highest per capita count of engineers, and, 4,000 high-tech startups, the most per-capita in the world. WEIZAC, one of the world’s first computers, was designed and built at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

2. So many amazing things occur daily in Israel, there is now a website dedicated to the “Only in Israel” happenings: http://www.onlyinisrael.net/B'Kitzur.htm

1. Israel is the most populous place on earth; she is home to 7.3 million people hailing from over 30 regions and countries the world over.

Now, come up with your OWN fact on Israel, and you'll be entered to win a gorgeous pendant that you will not believe (Eva did this for you, not me, so all props go to her:-). If I can get a digital photo up, I will.

Winning name will be drawn December 31st!!

Happy Reading!



lovedandamazed said...

Those were fun to read! I would really love to visit Israel someday. My friend and her husband got to spend the whole summer over there and I saw some of their amazing pictures. I can't imagine what it would feel like to stand in those places where all those Bible stories took place.

One thing I learned about Israel recently is that they export diamonds. I didn't realize there was that kind of mining right there. How cool!

I have not read any of Eva's books, but this is why you have these Author of the Month features, right? I'll have my eyes open for her books in the future.


Callista said...

Israel has the largest fleet of aircraft outside of the U.S.

I love Israel and want to visit there some day. I have relatives from Israel!

Mary said...

The glue on the back of Israeli stamps are kosher. Really!

Terri L. Gillespie said...

Israel is currently experiencing revival--among Jewish and Arab citizens. Jews and Arabs are worshiping together. How exciting is that!

Kim said...

I found this fact explaining the six-pointed star on the flag: NEAT!!

The Magen David is a traditional symbol of Judaism. The star is made up of two triangles, one right-side up and the other upside down.

Magen David

One of them points upward toward all that is spiritual and holy. The other one points downward -- toward all that is earthly and secular. By leading a life of Torah and mitzvot the Jew strives to bring together the worlds of spiritual and the earthly, the worlds of the holy and the secular.

Legend tells us that David the king of Israel adorned his shield with this six-pointed star, thus the star is named the Magen David.

Karen said...

The best falafels in the world are made in Israel.