Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Forever Changed by Mac McConnell


Sometimes I fear we read the Bible too casually. We know the familiar stories and we just take the truth found in them for granted. That's why I'm so thankful for men like my husband, the pastor of our church, and for authors like Mac McConnell.

They are gifted at bringing Scripture to life again. I challenge you to read this little book by Mac McConnell and not be "Forever Changed".

He narrates the story of Zacchaeus, the short tax-collector who lived in Jericho. A man known for cheating his own people, the Jews, for serving the Roman government in a despised capacity--someone we today would turn our noses up at and walk away from.

Not much is said about him in Scripture. How did he become a tax-collector? What was his childhood like? Why did he choose to serve as he did, and to take so much from his own people?

Mac McConnell supposes a beginning for the man we all learned of in Sunday school, the "wee little man" the song was written about. He paints a vivid picture of shame, desire, and disappointment in the life of the young Zacchaeus.

The path this Jew travels is familiar to all of us at some point; one choice that leads us down a road we never thought we'd ever be on. And then something wonderful happens...

...Yeshua passes by.

The question is, what will we do? Find out what Zacchaeus did, as well as many of his contemporaries in Scripture. And never, ever forget--these are REAL people, who met the REAL Jesus, who's lives were REALLY changed. That same life-changing power exists today.

So, what will you do when Jesus passes by? I'm giving "Forever Changed" the Golden Bookmark for writing excellence, and encouraging all of you to take a peek at this little and powerful book. Many thanks to Mr. McConnell for taking the time to say "yes" when Jesus passed by him.

Happy Reading!


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