Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Bare Bones Bible Handbook by Jim George

I've been a student of the Bible for many years now, and one reason I love studying God's Word is you can never reach the end of the knowledge found in His book! I'm always on the lookout for great study helps, both for the experienced student and the newbie...

This book fits the criteria for BOTH! "The Bare Bones Bible Handbook" is one of the best tools I've found. I gave a copy to a new believer for Christmas (our adopted daughter) and she was into it in seconds, highlighter in hand!

Jim George has packed his book full of treasures. He breaks the books of the Bible down into their historical categories, such as historical books, books of poetry, books of prophecy and so on.

Each book is then broken down into major themes and background information, both of which are critical to understanding the Scriptures fully. Then he gives you the basic skeleton of each book, one book at a time.

After that, he "puts some meat on those bones" with some wisdom and insight into what you've just learned. Then comes a section on practical application for your life.

A "Where To Find It" section highlights well-known true stories found in Scripture for easy reference, then closes with a bare bones fact sheet on a major Biblical character.

But wait, there's more!

Jim also includes the "Bare Essentials for Using Your Bible". This section explains how to study for yourself, the major themes of all the books, a one year reading plan, and tips on how to lead a Bible study discussion group.

Honestly, this is one of the best resources for Bible study I've found, for the experience student and the newbie both! There's even a "Bare Bones Bible Handbook for Teens"!

My kids have taken my copy hostage, and my daughter loves it. According to her, she feels like she can really understand Scripture clearly for the first time! I'm giving both handbooks the Golden Bookmark for writing and publishing excellence, with a set of Bible highlighters as a charm.

For those reluctant students of Scripture, I highly recommend these books!

Happy Reading!


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