Friday, January 2, 2009

For These Tough Times by Max Lucado

You just received your layoff notice.

The doctor says it's incurable.

Your child has turned from her faith.

The money for your mortgage isn't there.

The dark clouds refuse to lift...and you wonder where God is. Is He real? Can He still hear you? Why won't He answer?

We've all been there. Moments of doubt come in and cloud our vision, or tears of despair threaten to blind us to His greatness. When those times come, books like this one pack powerful meaning.

"For These Tough Times" is the latest release from Max Lucado, a man I would consider the people's pastor. Max just has a way of putting the most complex concepts into the most understandable language.

In today's economic, war-riddled and turmoiled world, we need to know God exists, that He's still in control--no matter how it looks to us. And that He hears our prayers more than we can ever begin to understand.

Using Biblical stories of heroes like Job, David and more, Max Lucado helps us wrestle with the hard questions of life and come out winners. He quotes a lot of Scripture, which always reassures me that these are God's thoughts and not just man's ideas.

He doesn't condescend to the hurting, but uses his gift of writing to lift them up to the throne of Almighty God. Max understands; he cares. And it shows in his books. I love to hear him speak, his voice is so gentle!

This is a great book for anyone you know who is hurting--I know many who are. The book is short, which is another plus--when you're going through a trial, you can't always sit down for a 200 page explanation of where God is and what He's doing.

I'm giving "For These Tough Times" four out of five bookmarks with a lighthouse as a charm--simply because I like my books by Max to be a bit longer. But, remember--when you're hurting, sometimes you just need a short reminder that God loves you and still holds you in His mighty hand.

Happy Reading!


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Ebony S said...

This is on my list of books to read, and after reading your review here, I'm bumping it right up to the top!