Friday, January 2, 2009

One Minute Meditations Journals from Barbour

What better way to begin 2009 than by spending time with some Christian classics, now published in journal format?

Barbour Publishing has taken some of the most beloved devotional books and broken them down into daily readings. What's so fantastic about these books is the journal format.

As you read, you add your thoughts on the daily meditation. A legacy for your family as you grow in Christ, each journal takes you through the best of each classic book.

One of the things I hear the most from people when they discover how much I read is "Oh, I wish I had the time to read!" Now you do! Each page takes mere minutes each day. How long you spend journaling is up to you.

Barbour has selected four of the best selling devotionals of all: God Calling, Come Away My Beloved, My Utmost for His Highest, and God Is In the Small Stuff. Each book speaks to a particular path in the walk of a believer.

Maybe you're like me and you've always wanted to read these classics, but were pressed for time due to high demands in other areas of life. You'll get the nuggets of powerful truth combined with space to right your own reflections on that day's passage.

Gorgeously packaged, these make wonderful gifts for family and friends. When I showed my books to my family they immediately began arguing over who would get one! Even my teens were eager to look inside these books.

One fear I have as a Christian is that we're so quick to embrace the new that we forget the old. Christian classics are classics for a reason: the truth found within their pages stands the test of time and Scripture.

Let's remember some of the wisdom from our past as we journal our present with Barbour's One Minute Meditation Journals. I'm giving this entire series the Golden Bookmark for publishing excellence and voting them "Best Devotional of 2009".

Happy Reading!


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kalea_kane said...

These sound wonderful! I would love to read My Utmost for His Highest! I am going to look this up! Thanks, Deena!

Kelly :)