Friday, January 16, 2009

Madera Mission Women Update!

Last night, my two daughters went with my sister and some women from our church for Family Night at the Madera Mission. This is the one night each month when visits are permitted for extended periods of time, and awards for Bible scholarship and program phase completion are handed out.

Our women's Bible study selected names last month, and we've all gotten pen pals from the group of seven women in the program. My daughters got to meet their new friends and sisters in Christ face to face.

What excitement was in the air! I wasn't able to attend, and that's a good thing. It allowed my girls to shine. But the girls knew some of you had sent books, and they were SO EXCITED!

Not just about the books--but because you CARED. They are amazed by the love and generosity you've shown them--people you've never met who have done things they themselves are not proud of.

So, huge hugs and thanks from me and from my family...and from the girls of Madera Mission in California.

My penpal and sweet sis sent this: "I felt I could so far relate to both of these stories. "Burnt Orange because of all the alcohol I used to drink when I was in the 7th grade, and until I came to the program. And "Faded Denim" becasue when I used I had always felt that I needed to be skinnier when I was not even fat. So far I really like these books of the True Color series of Melody Carlson."

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So far, the Mission has copies of Dark Blue, Deep Green, Burnt Orange, and Faded Denim. That's four titles out of a twelve title series. Some of you have sent new copies of books #1 and #2...THANK YOU!

Duplicate copies mean more readers can take part. The issues covered in Melody's series touch hearts that are broken and that have been stuck--and her honest writing helps un-stick these girls and they grow spiritually.

So prayerfully consider helping fill the Madera Mission library with good Christian fiction and non-fiction. You can send the books to me, do a gift certificate, or donate via Paypal.

And don't stop with that...find a place in your community where good Christian books can begin changing lives. That's what it's all about.

Happy Reading!


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Unknown said...

I read quite a bit about this series, it sounds pretty good, I might give it a shot when I have time.