Thursday, June 14, 2007

Torch Red: Color Me Torn by Melody Carlson

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I was astounded by the third installment in the True Colors series by Melody Carlson. She nails the teen sex scene and does so with grace and finesse, but does not mince words at all.

Zoe is certain she's the only virgin left in her high school. Locker room talk in the girls' locker room is proof positive of that, and the tide is pulling her into deep water.

When she's asked to befriend the new girl, Zoe is more than happy to show her the ropes of the campus; but Shawna shoes Zoe far more than she bargained for, and the messages concerning teen sex are confusing.

Torn between her desire for Justin Clark, resident hot jock, and sold out believer Nate, Zoe attempts to muddle through the mess on her own. But will she realize that God holds the answers she seeks before it's too late for her?

Candid, informed, and accurate: three words to describe this installment in the series. Melody Carlson's heart for today's teen girls is evident in all of her writing, but especially in this one. What's out there is scary; not knowing is even more frightening than that.

Moms and daughters need to read this series TOGETHER. Each book is a great conversation starter, but with such mature subject matter, it's imperative that the message get through.

I also highly recommend that youth leaders/directors/ministers invest in a set of these books.

"Torch Red" gets 5 bookmarks out of five for me...and I'm tempted to lock it in a chastity belt--do they still make those things??

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Happy Reading!



Deborah said...

i love this series. i've reviewed several of them on my blog and I agree that teens need to read these. even non Christian teens will like these, the books aren't preachy at all. melody carlson is an author that KNOWS how to write to teens.

Denise said...

I know some youths I can share this with.

american_thinker said...

This looks really great. I'll have to check this book out sometime. God Bless!

Susanne said...

My daughter has read most of this series. I've heard Melody Carlson speaking on the radio about this series and her heart for teen girls is precious. But you are right in that you should read this one with your daughter so that it can be discussed.

Angelica said...

Yeah, TrueColors are so cool. I'm not Christian, but I still love them - like Deborah said, they're not preachy. And it's good how she's written a book on all the teen problems [anorexia, suicide, etc.]