Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lucia's Survival Guide and Cookbook by Lucille Campilongo

I saw this family on The Today Show and immediately fired off a request for a copy. My youngest daughter is ready to graduate high school this year (she finally met the official testing requirements to get her diploma yesterday!!!) and my son will be 15 in two weeks.

Plus, my adopted daughter is having my first grandson in May and wants to set up a home of her own--so this is a book I was highly interested in!

"Lucia's Survival Guide and Cookbook" is filled with tips on how to select an apartment, how to clean when you first move in and how to keep it clean. Tips on ironing, a grocery list for items to keep on hand, and recipes...

....TONS of delicious sounding recipes. And each one is written by a Momma...someone who KNOWS how to cook! Written in large print and in easy to follow steps, this truly is a must have book for those setting out in life on their own for the first time.

Lucille includes a smattering of humor as well--some of it may not be intentional, but as a mom, I chuckled now and then. In her section on ironing, for instance, she tells her daughter "If I didn't tell you to buy an ironing board, get one--it's hard to iron on the table."

I highly recommend this helpful book to anyone who didn't learn it all before leaving home, and for those of us who just want a refresher course. It's worth it just for the yummy recipes!

"Lucia's Survival Guide and Cookbook" gets four out of five bookmarks from me, with a sauce pan as a charm. I only wish Mama Lucia had shared more with us!

This "Priceless Resource for Today's Homemaker" is available through iUniverse or at your local bookstore.

Happy Reading!


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