Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Author of the Month--Susan May Warren's Favorite Writing Snacks!


Again, I share these tidbits of information with you to remind all of us that real people write the books we love and cherish. Plus, if you ever need some leverage for a book---JUST KIDDING!!

BUT, you could always bless your favorite author with some goodies by mail--unexpected blessings yield unexpected results!

Top 3 writing snacks:

Popcorn with real butter and parmesan cheese

Cold pepperoni pizza

Yogurt pretzels

M & Ms…plain

You'll notice that Susan can't count...but don't send her a calculator! Just realize that, like many of us when we're asked to list our favorites, she has a hard time limiting herself!

If you asked me to name my top three favorite novels by Susan...I'd have to pick at least five, if I could stop even then! So, next time you're out and about, think about a package of M&M's or yogurt pretzels for our sweet Author of the Month--I don't recommend mailing cold pizza!

Happy Reading!


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