Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Set Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy

This book most likely won't make you popular, help you attract the attention of more boys, or help you feel good about your appearance. But that isn't what it is designed to do.

What Leslie Ludy's book WILL do is make you a young woman after God's own heart...and nothing is more beautiful than a girl on fire for God, filled with His Spirit and set apart for His good works.

"Set Apart Femininity" raises the bar on the standards for women. Instead of consuming ourselves with fashion and make-up and how to find your one true love, Leslie's book encourages us to make Jesus our One True Love, and to let Him use us in every capacity.

Each chapter begins with something sacred, a word that far too many don't know or misunderstand. "Sacred Intent" discusses God's purpose for femininity--and it doesn't match anything the world has to say.

"Sacred Design" examines true beauty, done God's way. Live this out and you'll be radically re-made in His image the way He intended. You may not be popular, but you'll be satisfied and in His Will.

Leslie goes on to talk about a captivating femininity (who wouldn't want to hear about that?!), a femininity that changes men into princes (HELLO!), and femininity that makes marriage dreams come true.

But don't be fooled. This isn't some easy 10 steps and you're there kind of book. Leslie calls us as women to a higher, deeper, richer commitment to Christ. I even struggled with reading the book at first, as it went against everything I'd ever been taught.

After a few chapters of soaking in God's message through Leslie's writing, I saw how far we've strayed as a culture from God's intent, and how much we've lost as a result. I challenge every mom, daughter, sister, woman, girl to get and read this book.

Read it in a group. Read it with a notebook and highlighter nearby. Pray about the message of the book and see if it won't give you something you may not have even known you longed for.

I'm giving "Set Apart Femininity" five out of five bookmarks, with a Bible as a charm...our femininity needs to be rooted in Scripture, because we're seriously missing the mark.

Happy Reading!


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