Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Helping Others...

Since we've been talking about helping others a lot in the blogosphere today, let me take one more opportunity in 2008 to share with you about a mission in need of great books.

My niece is a gorgeous woman of God, but like many, she did some things she isn't proud of. Those things led to her being at the Madera Rescue Mission in Central California.

I attended Family Night in December on a spur of the moment whim, traveling with my sister (in-law) and her husband. I had no idea what to expect...which is probably a very good thing.

See, I'd sent some books to the women who are working side by side with my niece. I get lots of books for free to review, and I try to donate them to worthy causes or people.

When my niece saw me, she was delighted (far more delighted than I'd thought she would be!). She introduced me to the other girls, but no one took much notice until she mentioned I was "the book lady".

THEN did I get the ATTENTION!

Turns out, many of these girls/women had never cracked the cover of a book for reading pleasure until I started sending books to them. The director shared with me her dream of building a library of great inspiration books to share with the women who pass through their ministry.

Some of you have already sent books to share with them (they will be SO excited to receive Left Behind: The Kids series #2!!!). Thank you from the bottom of my book-loving heart!

They love Christian teen lit--many of them have been robbed of their youth for various reasons. Healthy romance stories are good as well. Right now, they have a LONG waiting list for the copy of "Riven" by Jerry B. Jenkins I donated...everyone wants to read that one!

So, you can do four things for me in 2009:

1) Donate to my Paypal account--this will provide money to ship and to even purchase discounted copies of books for the mission, as well as help me offer more giveaways to you.

2) Purchase and ship books to me for the women of Madera Mission.

3) Send any books you have that you'd like to donate to the women of Madera Mission. All I ask is that they be in good condition and that you or someone you know has read/reviewed the book.

4) PRAY. Lives are being changed at this mission. I know, because my niece is glowing with the Holy Spirit now, and it is so gorgeous to witness. These women are on their way to becoming mighty women of God, and it is due to people like YOU who are willing to sacrifice a little that they might grow a lot.

Thanks to my bloggy friends who've already given. Don't be offended if this post pops up a few times during the year, okay? If we can't do things like this for others, then why are we here, you know?

Just think...if everyone who read this blog donated $2.00, shared one book, and prayed each day....WOW! So, pray about how you can get involved.

And don't stop here...find ways to help in your local communities with great Christian books! Give of yourself in 2009...and we'll make this the Year of Giving...together!

P.S. I plan on sharing some of the women's comments when they receive and read your be watching for updates from Madera Mission when they pop up!
Happy Reading!


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C.J. Darlington said...

Thanks so much for letting us know about these ladies, Deena. I'm encouraged that books really do make an impact on all of our lives! Ladies, I'm going to be putting together a box for you soon with some reads I've enjoyed. :)

Be encouraged. God hasn't forgotten you. You'll get through this time and come out even stronger!