Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas

I KNOW God loves me...because He gave me this book! And He has spoken to me multiple moments as I have savored every morsel. Now, I share this feast of knowledge with you...


Gary Thomas is my new literary hero! He is gifted with the ability of painting pictures with his words, and he quotes the great authors (past and present) with such clarity and insight, it gives me glorybumps!

"The Beautiful Fight" is based around II Timothy 4:7-8, in which Paul tells Timothy that he has 'fought the good fight,' what Gary calls 'the beautiful fight'. This book is about transforming faith, and the power that is unleashed in our lives when we fully understanding God's transforming power.

A phrase that pops up frequently in this book is the actual title of the first section: Splashes of Glory. Can you just imagine a life so soaked in God's Spirit that we left puddles of His influence everywhere we went? Doesn't that just sound so WONDERFUL to you?

Well, it does to me! And I'm delighted to report that Mr. Thomas writes a gorgeous book that empowers and enables us in ways that we know...we've just somehow forgotten.

The second portion of his book takes us through our senses in ways that both challenge, heal, and hold sacred all that we are and are made to be: New Spirit, New Bodies. In this, Mr. Thomas tackles eyes that see, mouths that speak, minds that think, and my favorite, hands and feet used by God.

Finally, Mr. Thomas sums up God's message through these pages with a section titled "Embracing the High Call and Duty of Personal Transformation". This is where the work begins, but oh, what glorious work it is! To be used completely in service to God in the ways that are described in this book are only short of Heaven!

No book has moved me to tears as much as "The Beautiful Fight". This came to me recommended by a friend who just happens to own a Christian bookstore who just happens to have a pastor who reads and urges his church family to read.

Correction...this book came to me from a God who loves me and who knows I'm hurting and that I only want to get it right, to show me just how to let HIM get it right through me. Such FREEDOM! Such JOY RESTORED! Such PEACE! Thank You, God!

I only wish every believer would take the time to read, to savor, to ponder the message of "The Beautiful Fight". Oh, how the church would be WE would be changed, truly changed! Packed with quotes from great authors, jammed full of Scripture, this is a treasure trove for a truly seeking believer.

I can't recommend this book highly enough! Can you tell I love this book?? I'm hoping to read all of Mr. Thomas' works, but this is one I cannot help but award the Golden Bookmark to.

It isn't necessarily a 'light' read, or what some would consider an 'easy' read...but the journey is so worth the taking! So, join me, won't you? I'd love to start a chat group on this one (oh, did I say that out LOUD??).

So, join me at "Going Deeper" if you'd like to do just that...

Happy Reading!


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