Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to the New Year at My Bookshelf!!

Welcome to another year of great reading at My Bookshelf!

Lots of fun is in store for 2009:

1) More Author of the Month features

2) Some Special Friend moments

3) Great fiction reviews

4) Some stellar non-fiction reviews

5) Trivia contests

6) TONS of great giveaways

7) Guest blogs from friends and family

8) Going Deeper, a new discussion feature that lets us talk about books that have the potential to change our lives

9) More author interviews than ever before, and

10) TONS of great giveaways (oh, wait--I said that already, didn't I??)

Anyhoo, you'll be so glad you found my little corner of the blogosphere--at least, I think you will!

So, bookmark me, follow me, just don't forget me, okay? And, if you share my button, leave me a comment so I can swing by and take a peek at your blog!

Here's to 2009 and a great year of inspirational and life-changing reading!! Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Reading!



Barbara H. said...

Happy New Year, Deena! Looking forward to all you have planned!

Alyce said...

Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun on your blog this year! Happy New Year!

Tena said...

Happy New Years!! May your year be an awesome one! I am so glad I found your blog!!