Thursday, December 11, 2008

Double Minds by Terri Blackstock


I could list a ton of reasons as to why I adore Terri Blackstock's novels. Topping the list is her knack for asking the question "What if ______?" and then running with it to both plausible and intriguing places in her storytelling.

"Double Minds" is a unique book. Written about the music industry, specifically Christian music, Terri examines the issues of temptation, perseverance, and the challenge of always taking the higher way when faced with your heart's desire.

Parker James is a gifted songwriter. Her way with lyrics is truly heaven inspired. Problem is, she wants to make her own mark on Christian music by performing her own work. Writing for talented artists just isn't enough.

Her closest friend and gifted artist has battled with an issue that many don't see as sin--but it truly is if you read Scripture. Now Serene has the opportunity to take her music outside the "Christian bubble" and to influence millions--if she makes one change to her lyrics.

Which involves Parker. And poor Parker is torn--which way should she choose? The choices make her uncomfortable.

Something else makes Parker James uncomfortable--and that's murder. When a young woman is killed in the recording studio Parker works at, the question burns into Parker's soul--who would want her dead?

Turns out, Parker was the intended target--or was she? This is another "Up All Night" read that will keep you guessing until the very last page. More importantly, Terri's novel will keep you thinking long after the book is closed.

James talks about a double minded believer--Terri takes his God-breathed teaching and brings it to life in a manner that cannot be ignored. You'll find yourself checking your own motives and choices--just not until "Double Minds" releases from Zondervan in February 2009!

I know, I'm mean...but you love me!

I'm rating "Double Minds" with five out of five bookmarks, with a demo CD as a charm...but keep it under lock and key until release date. You just never know who'll be watching!

Happy Reading!



Georgiana said...

No fair! I soooo want to get this book. February seems like a super long wait. Sounds like a great read!

Barbara H. said...

I LOVE Terri Blackstock. I hadn't heard of this one yet. I do love the way she makes her characters real and the struggles they face realistic and genuine.