Thursday, December 11, 2008

Author of the Month: Eva Marie Everson's writing partner, Miriam Feinberg Vamosh and 10 Words (Or Phrases) You Might Need In Israel!!

I don't know about you, but if I ever had the opportunity to travel to Israel, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Problem is, I doubt I'll have a tour guide to follow me EVERYWHERE, and I tend to garble the language in THIS country, let alone the holy land:-)

So Eva and her co-author, Miriam, put together a handy list of the top 10 words or phrases we'll need on our trip (still believing I'll get there one day...may not be until Jesus returns, but hey, a gal can dream, can't she??)

*Compiled by Eva Marie Everson in part from an article by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh.

Ten Words (or Phrases) You Might Need in Israel

1. Ken = Yes

2. Lo = No

3. Bevakasha = Please (and also you're welcome)

4. Toda = Thank you

5. Slikhah = excuse me, as in "Can you help me?"

6. Boker Tov/ Laila Tov = Good morning/Good night

7. Shabbat = the Sabbath (for Jews, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown

8. Shalom = Hello, Goodbye, and (literally) peace

9. Shabbat Shalom = the customary greeting during Shabbat

10. Café = Coffee

How about you? Know any useful phrases from your traveling days? Share one or two, and I may send you a Starbucks gift card for Cafe'....maybe:-)

Happy Reading!


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Mary said...

If you go to Romania, here are a few helpful words/phrases in Romanian.

Da= Yes
Nu= No
Va rog= Please
Multumesc= Thank you
Scuzati-ma= Excuse me
Buna ziua= Good day
La Revedere= Goodbye
Cafea= Coffee
Ajutor!= Help!