Saturday, November 22, 2008

Author of the Month: Christy Barritt and Fun Character Facts!!

Here’s some fun facts about the characters:


She shares my love of music. I also love sassy T-shirts and flip flops. Oh, and I have crazy curly hair. It’s brown, not red like Gabby’s, though. I’m definitely not as outspoken as she is. And blood grosses me out. I could never do her job.


I originally wrote Riley as a Navy chaplain. The military is huge here in Norfolk, so I wanted to incorporate that somehow. I can’t remember why I changed my mind. In my imagination, Riley looks like the actor Luke Wilson.


I developed her after I did an interview with a very well known animal rights activist group. I actually went to their headquarters and was horrified. They really do have pictures of mutilated animals everywhere. Her character grew out of my experience there.

Darnell Evans (a.k.a. Elvis):

I did an interview with an Elvis impersonator and I couldn’t believe the fanfare around him. Everyone treated him like he really was Elvis! He even had his own fan club. Crazy stuff. I knew I had to use an Elvis impersonator in one of my stories one day.

Bill McCormick:

What can I say? I listen to talk radio all the time. I thought it was be fun to include a character who worked in that field. My favorite? Sean Hannity.

Now, THAT has GOT to get you interested in these crazy, cozy (kind of) mysteries! Don't forget our trivia contest that runs all month long:-)

Happy Reading!


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