Monday, October 27, 2008

How Would Jesus Vote? by D. James Kennedy, PhD & Jerry Newcombe


We live in the most dynamic and dangerous political environment I've ever seen. Disagree with me and the most violent and vulgar name calling just might ensue. And unfortunately, this is happening even within the body of Christ.

So this book arrived in my mailbox with great rejoicing on my part! Hot button issues exist on both sides of the party aisle--how in the world can I vote by faith? Now, for me, this is a settled issue.

I review this book on behalf of those who do not yet feel settled.

"How Would Jesus Vote?" isn't a title I personally would select for a book, because it is difficult not to come with pre-conceived notions to a book so titled. Let me state emphatically that if you read a title and judge a book--EVER--you miss the blessing of the book, in my opinion.

Dr. Kennedy and his co-author, Jerry Newcombe have carefully crafted a series of Biblically based discussions on issues such as terrorism, nuclear threats, immigration, abortion, health care and many other issues on the burner in this season.

I cannot say this book will show you how to vote Biblically, simply because each party has a plank in their platform that approaches one or more of these Biblically based views. Not one entire platform consists of every topic as presented in Scripture, or in this book.

That is why the political waters are so incredibly muddy. That is why the language is so heated. And that is why the church MUST NOT DIVIDE along political lines. We MUST hang together despite our voting differences/preferences, lest satan win.

Read this book; decide for yourself. I believe that were Jesus here today, He would be the same as He was then--independent. Be independent of political parties, read this book, and then vote how God leads you.

That's the best I have to offer; personally, I think that's pretty good! "How Would Jesus Vote?" gets four out of five bookmarks from me with a ballot as a charm. I'm still not thrilled with the title, but then again, I NEVER judge a book by its title:-)

"How Would Jesus Vote?" is available now from Waterbrook Press. I truly think it is worth the investment.

Happy Reading!



Ruth King said...

Like you, I'm not crazy about the title. But then again, there are a lot of books with great titles that I haven't liked and a lot of books with so-so titles that I thought were amazing.

It sounds like this book is pretty balanced, which is refreshing given the vitriolic political climate. I don't really conform to the norms of either party, so I always appreciate a balanced, independent viewpoint.

Andi said...

This is one book I'd love to read. I think the title is catchy and very pertinent to the election that all of us Christian's are faced with right now. Thanks for the review Deena! Love you Sis! Andie