Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins


One thing I love about reviewing is getting my own sneak peeks into what's coming soon in the book world. I was privileged to obtain an advanced copy of Brandilyn Collin's stand alone novel, "Dark Pursuit".

It should stand alone.

It is in a class all by itself.

Most of the time, I HATE it when my authors try something new. My motto: "It ain't broken, I like it...LEAVE IT ALONE!" But I love it when they don't listen to me (as if they would, I mean, who am I?) and write outside the box.

This is the most unique of Brandilyn's work. Normally, we have three or four books for characters to flesh out, to get acquainted with the setting, and to fall in love with those whom we pray won't die (have you ever READ a Brandilyn Collins novel? Then you know that of which I whine:-)!

So, my one complaint is that the story feels a bit rushed, for those reasons listed above. To that I say myself...SO WHAT?!?

Darell Brooke is the King of Suspense. But before he can complete his 100th novel, a tragic auto accident leaves him needing rehabilitation and his mind is never quite the same.

While in the midst of his foggy attempts to write, his estranged granddaughter, Kaitlan Sering calls him in a panic. With the help of his assistant, Margaret, the uncover the living horror novel Kaitlan has found herself in.

Can a fog-brained suspense author, a loyal assistant, and a former drug addicted granddaughter catch a ruthless serial killer before he catches them? Find out in November 2008 (I'd say, neiner-neiner, but that would be MEAN) when Zondervan, releases "Dark Pursuit"...hope it chases you down!

I'm giving it five out of five bookmarks, with a teeny-tiny video camera, and a hand-held mirror. You won't want to miss a thing...but make sure you peek around every 'corner' as you turn the page:-)

Happy Reading!



Nise' said...

Can't wait for this one. A couple of weeks ago I told my daughter about the Kanner Lake series and after finishing them in a few days, she scolded me for not telling her about them sooner!!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Deena, thank you for the review. I'm glad you liked this book. It IS a challenge to continue to please loyal, smart readers such as yourself. Blessings.

Kim said...

Oooohhhh!! Can't wait for this one!


naida said...

this sounds like a good one, great review.

kalea_kane said...

Deena, once again you have pointed out a gem! Thank you!