Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Author Of The Month: Sharon Hinck!!


Here we go: a new feature at My Bookshelf! I'm going to be introducing you to one of my all time favorite multi-genre authors, award winning author (Sharon’s book The Restorer’s Son received the Book of the Year award in the Speculative Fiction category) Sharon Hinck!


I discovered Sharon's writing with her debut novel, "The Secret Life of Becky Miller" and I fell in LOVE with her! Sharon, that is. Well, with Becky as well.

Sharon has a knack for tapping into the heart of everywoman and bringing her to life in unique and creative ways.

After finishing Becky's story, I immediately hunted Sharon down via Google (I Google everything these days---even myself! It's fun--you oughta try it!) and asked her

"Have you been reading my journals? Becky sounds Just. Like. Me." Of course, she denied everything! Since then, we've been book buddies, and it's like chatting with a dear friend via email.

So, I'm delighted over the course of this month to introduce you to Sharon, her books, her personality, some 'hidden secrets', and to review her latest and most stellar project to date, "Stepping Into Sunlight".


My review of this one will post tomorrow, followed by a trivia contest for some GREAT STUFF...but you'll need to buy the book. So be watching for information on how you can get your copy and help Sharon in the process.

Happy Reading, and let's have some FUN in October with Sharon Hinck!



Karen said...

oh, I love Sharon Hinck! The Restorer series and the Becky Miller books are among my favorite fiction! Glad to see you featuring her.

Amy said...

I love this idea! I really hope it helps Sharon out! Good job, Deena!

Sharon Hinck said...

Oh, Deena, you make me giggle.
Karen and Amy, thanks so much for stopping by to say "hi" to Deena and me.

I'm in the process of getting packed for a book tour and trying to figure out what clothes go well with a sword and baldric. I'll try to check in from the road as I travel from Canada, through Washington, Oregon, and California with seven other Christian authors.

Barbara H. said...

I love that Sharon is your first featured author! I had the same reaction as you to Becky Miller -- since that first book I have read everything of Sharon's, eagerly awaiting release dates.

I hope this gets the word out about this wonderful author.

Rel said...

Go Deena and Shazza!

What a perfect choice to launch your AOTM :) Lovely lady and wonderful storyteller!

Kim said...

Mercy! Those Restorer books alone should make everyone stand up and take note! I just discovered her myself, and I think she's a terrific novelist! I look forward to tomorrow's review!


Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

I haven't read any of Sharon's work, but the Restorer series looks SO cool!