Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day #14 and Week #3 of "30 Books in 30 Days" Giveaway!!


We're into week #3 of our giveaway celebration...the midway point. Remember, on September 30th, I'm announcing the GRAND PRIZE--ONE extra special book, plus ONE book for every 1,000 hits over 30,000--so tell your friends, post about the giveaway (if you leave me your link at the original post site, you'll be entered for a $30.00 gift card to ANYWHERE YOU WANT--that sells books, of course:-)

SO, for THIS WEEK, here's how we'll do this:

1) First, read the original post with rules and such.

2) I post a book every day that I'm giving away.

3) You leave a comment at the posted books you'd like to win.


That's it! Those are the rules for the next 7 giveaways! Now, remember, I'm giving away at least ONE book on September 30th...but the higher my hit counter goes, the more books someone's going to win:-) So spread the word for me...

Today's Giveaway Is:


Click the cover to read the review! Leave your comment HERE to be entered:-)

Happy Reading!!



Anonymous said...

I read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows review and I was happy to hear that the series of books is ending in a satisfying way and not a disappointing way. It wasn't until I began reading book blogs that I found out adults read YA novels and I was super excited about that because I had always wanted to do some of that.

Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family said...

I read (and reviewed) Riven after reading your review!

This looks like a super book!

Anonymous said...

I read "Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life" after you reviewed it.

This book really intrigued me when you reviewed it the other day. Thanks for offering it!


Anonymous said...

Sometime in March you reviewed Mistaken Identity and I bought it for my cruise last April. It was a great review and a wonderful story of sorrow and grace.

Stephanie said...

When I read your review on this book last week, I was really hoping it would be part of the giveaway!
As a parent myself, I tend to similar. I hope to read it soon!!

Holly said...

I liked your Get Cozy Josy review. I haven't read any of those yet and they look great.

I'd love this one though!

windycindy said...

I read your review of Trish Ryan's book "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!" I think too many women settle for the man they are supposed to spend the rest of their lives together! I know two friends of mine that got close to being thirty and they got desperate! I have been on Trish's site and I really enjoyed it! Thanks, Cindi

Jen said...

Well I just stumbled on your blog last week thanks to the recommendation of a friend (if I can remember who that was I'll let you know) so I haven't read any of the books you've reveiwed. But I just added "The Busy Mom's Guide.." by Kathy Peel to my wishlist over at

lisa said...

I was hoping you would offer this book as a giveaway, I enjoyed your review and was very surprised that it also recommended over at the Bill O'Reilly Factor!

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

Tara said...

I just went back and read your review of 3:16 by Max Lucado. You do excellent reviews you know.

Anonymous said...

There are SO many books on your review list that I want to read, but right now I am reading The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer! I'm not a teenager, but I still am enjoying the series a lot! I am passing them on to my 14 year old niece!
Your button is on my blog!
digicat @

Stephanie said...

Oh no! I just realizes you changed your requirements! Ok, I book I have read because of your reviews is.............Bringing Home the Prodigals. I just started it last night!!

Carolynn W. said...

I loved your review of Sisters, Ink by Rebeca Seitz so I read the book too. I love scrapbooking so I enjoyed the story a lot.