Monday, July 14, 2008

On Tour with "Love As A Way Of Life" by Dr. Gary Chapman


About the book:

For decades Dr. Gary Chapman’s best-selling books have shown readers how to speak the “love language” of those they care about. Now he digs even deeper to uncover the foundations of what it means to cultivate a lifestyle of love and how doing so leads to satisfaction and success in every area of life.

Drawing fresh insights from timeless biblical principles, Chapman presents poignant stories of real people who have discovered the joys of living out the seven characteristics of authentic love: kindness, patience, forgiveness, humility, courtesy, generosity, and honesty. Enhanced with eye-opening self tests, practical ideas for building daily habits of love, and inspiring examples of love’s power to change lives, this book guides readers in putting love to work in all of their interpersonal relationships.

Convinced that in a world of constant conflict people desperately need authentic love, Chapman paints a compelling vision of how life can be richer and relationships more satisfying for anyone who practices Love As a Way of Life.


About the Author:

Gary Chapman is the author of twenty-five books, including the New York Times bestseller The Five Love Languages, with more than 4 million copies in print. His daily radio program, A Love Language Minute, is broadcast on more than 100 stations nationwide. Chapman, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Wake-Forest University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, serves on the pastoral staff at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

My Thoughts:

While you can most definitely hear Dr. Chapman's background in psychology coming through the pages, that is not necessarily a bad thing:-) "Love As A Way of Life" is a desperately needed book in this age of meanspirited behavior that we've found ourselves existing in today.

Dr. Chapman extensively covers the seven basic characteristics of love:

Kindness: discovering the joy of helping others

Patience: accepting the imperfections of others

Forgiveness: finding freedom from the grip of anger

Courtesy: treating others as friends

Humility: stepping down so someone else can step up

Generosity: giving your time, money, and abilities to others

Honesty: caring enough to tell the truth

In the midst of each chapter, Dr. Chapman offers the reader a self-quiz to see just how well he or she is demonstrating that particular aspect of love. It is VERY eye-opening, let me tell you!

If we are to truly win the world for Christ, we must be about two things: 1) His Word and 2) His love. Without either one, we won't win anyone to anything.

If you've read Dr. Chapman's other books, you will definitely enjoy this one.
If you're like me and you've only heard about his work, then start here. I plan on continuing to read his work, and to apply it to my daily life.

Want to win a copy? Leave me a comment, telling me which characteristic covered in the book you most want to develop in your life. I'll pick TWO winners on July 31st!!

Can't wait till then? Have to buy it now? Click here, then!

Happy Reading!



Smilingsal said...

Without hesitation, I know that Forgiveness is the one I need the most work on.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's quite a list! I would have to say Patience! I loved Dr. Chapman's Five Love Languages! :D

Thanks for stopping by my page!

ReadingRobin said...

Hands down patience, potty training this week!!!
cmrobin at bellsouth dot net

Leslie said...

I need to work on forgiveness.

amajorkey at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of Dr. Chapman's books, but not for lack of wanting to. :-) This one sounds really, really good. I would have to say that the one I want to work on the most is honesty.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like a wonderful book! My husband and I are very slowly working our way through The Five Love Languages. He's not a reader, so some evenings it's hard to get him focused on study and a book :) I'd love to win one of these, so we could work through it, as well. I'd say of the ones you listed, forgiveness would be the one I need to work on the most. I think I "forgive" in my head a lot more than I do in my heart. It's something I really need to work on :)

Happy Reading!

MaryZ said...

Generosity; it so easy to get side-tracked by "my" stuff and not give my all to the Lord and esteem others above myself.

Abi said...

I have several of Gary's books I'd love to win this one. Two characteristics I'd like to build would be kindness and forgiveness.

Dawn said...


Crystal M. said...

One characteristic I want develop in my life is forgiveness. Honestly, though, I could probably use some work on the whole bunch.
~Crystal M.

windycindy said...

Thanks so much for offering to give away to copies of this book. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about. I would really enjoy reading this book! His message reminds me of "agape" love. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

I really need help with forgiveness. I've been trying to let go of some anger but it's so hard. I hope this book will help me release it.
doot65 at comcast dot net

Ramya said...

i thikn what i need to work on honestly, is generosity.. i think about giving away but then when it actually comes to the act, i never find myself doing as much as i would like to.. and i guess by acccepting that, i am working on honesty as well! so, do enter me for the giveaway!