Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Romancing Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson


What's the best part of reading the Hollywood Nobody books by Lisa Samson?

Some would say it's the clever blog about the Hollywood lifestyle that Scotty Dawn writes. And they might be right.

Some would say the snappy patter voiced by Scotty, sixteen year old traveling soul who loves the vintage, the unique and the classic. And they might be right as well.

Some would say it's the mysterious aspect of who Scotty is and where her roots take her that has lurked within the pages of each story. And they might be right also.

Me? My answer?


I love watching this serious, adventurous young woman growing and changing in her new found faith in Christ. As Scotty grows and questions and challenges and prays...

...she reminds me to not take so much for granted.

...she reminds me to not judge, lest I also be judged.

...she reminds me that sin has consequences, and the company we keep sometimes becomes the company we sin with.

Reading "Romancing Hollywood Nobody" reminds me of Jesus and what He did as He walked this earth, and how it is so important to who I am as a believer and follower of Jesus.

Scotty is an amazing character that some have called a smart aleck...some have accused of being disrespectful...and some have even maligned this marvelous series.

I respectfully submit that those people have completely missed the point. That while we can be assured of our salvation, there is much to the Christian life. While we can be assured of our eternal destiny, there is much to this journey called life. And that, while some of us may be further down the path, it is up to ALL of us to show others the path they must be on.

The path that leads to faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

I look forward to every volume of the Hollywood Nobody saga, and will be very sad when Scotty and Lisa both decide it's all been said and done, and they finally close up shop.

Thankfully, I smell another story on the horizon! Till then, I'm giving "Romancing Hollywood Nobody" five out of five bookmarks, with a kilt as a charm. Now, you might be wondering why I've shared so little about the story.

Simply put? I don't want to ruin it for you. Suffice it to say, more than one character finds romance...and the mystery continues on....

Happy Reading!


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Jenny said...

I love Scotty - and can't wait to read "Romancing". I did see on amazon that there is a "Goodbye Hollywood Nobody" coming out in Sept. I'll hate to see the series end too. :(