Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still Growing by Kirk Cameron


In an age of tell all biographies and celebrity antics, I almost cringe when I read about a new book about a well known celebrity. And it doesn't matter if someone else writes it, or if the celeb writes it himself/herself.

That's why Kirk Cameron's autobiography was so refreshing! Mike Seaver may have been a clown, but that's pretty much a 'what you saw was what you got' story...with a whole lot of faith thrown in for good measure.

Kirk takes us from his days as a loose cannon to a firm believer within the first two chapters, but he does so with a hint of mischief and mystery. Very well crafted in my humble opinion!

Then he travels back in time to his early days, introducing us to family and friends from childhood. Other voices chime in from time to time, sharing their own memories of Kirk and how life was 'back in the day'.

We find out how he got into 'the biz', about his commercial days, and then that fateful day of being cast as the lovable but always up to something Mike Seaver on the hit show, "Growing Pains".

As we take this journey through time with Kirk, he explains some rumors that floated through the media and tells whether they were true or false...such as the rumor that he'd had an actress fired because she'd once posed for Playboy magazine.

We also get to watch as Kirk transforms from someone searching for something, only to encounter the great Someone--God. His journey of faith is one that will inspire those who long to believe, but who think too much and analyze their way out of faith in Christ!

Kirk is more than just a pretty boy...this star truly shines in a multitude of ways! But I'll leave the rest of the story for you to discover when you read his encouraging and uplifting memoir, "Still Growing". As for me, I'm giving it five out of five bookmarks.

Some might find it sappy, with no 'bad boy' stories. But as one who grew up pretty much like Kirk did (minus the stardom and financial advantage of being on a hit sitcom!), I could totally relate. If celebrity media is getting you down, pick up a copy of "Still Growing". It will pick your spirits up...guaranteed!

Happy Reading!


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