Monday, May 19, 2008

The Grand Scheme by Kathy Herman


I was a bit concerned about this latest novel by Kathy Herman...a few too many Hallmark moments early in the story. But Kathy didn't disappoint me--I found plenty of mayhem and suspense.

I mean, I love a happy ending...I'm just glad that Rue and Ivy didn't get theirs
just yet (now, how mean does that sound...I'm telling ya!).

"The Grand Scheme" is the final book in the Phantom Hollow series (can you hear me weeping where you are?), and it wraps things up nicely, but as I said, not TOO soon for my taste:-)

Grayson has been working for Ivy's dad, Elam Griffith, for years, and he's always proven himself to be more than capable. So when Elam gives Grayson's much desired promotion to the new son-in-law, jealousy sprouts in Grayson's heart.

Question is, just how jealous and vengeful has Grayson become?

Protestors have made their way to Phantom Hollow, and SAGE is against the expansion project headed up by Rue Kessler and Elam's company. But are they so much against the project that they would resort to violence and vandalism? Who is actually behind the destruction, and who is retaliating at SAGE's leader?

Rue and Ivy are finally happy. Then mishap after mishap begins to occur, and Ivy's estranged brother announces his return to Jacob's Ear. Can Rusty set aside his bitterness toward Ivy, or will he continue to tear their family apart? And just how bitter is Rusty?

Questions and mysteries abound in this climatic ending to a wonderful series. Kathy Herman doesn't just write suspense...she embeds life lessons in her fiction that always hit home, no matter who the reader might be. A gorgeous woman of God, Kathy has been on my "must read" list since I first discovered her work.

I'm giving "The Grand Scheme" five out of five bookmarks, with a handkerchief as a'll know why soon enough! Don't miss out on the first two books in this trilogy, "Ever Present Danger" and "Never Look Back".

Happy Reading!


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