Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blessed Are The Meddlers by Christa Ann Banister


I hope this doesn't come out as a slam, because I really, really, REALLY mean it as high praise...but reading a novel by Christa Ann Banister is like an episode of "Sex In The City" without all of the 'ick' and 'yikes' stuff! It's fun, it's heartwarming...and it keeps you a bit dizzy as you'll see!

(NOTE: The above comment is not a commentary or a slam against fans of the television show...so no nasty comments please!)

"Blessed Are The Meddlers" is a follow-up novel to Christa's debut, "Around the World in 80 Dates". I fell in love with Sydney Alexander as I watched her attempts to find her true love.

It was aptly subtitled 'Confessions of a Serial Dater'.

In her sophomore release, Christa has subtitled this one 'Confessions of a Serial Meddler'. There's a whole lot of confessin' going on, and that's because Sydney Williams now sees herself as a matchmaker of sorts for her girlfriends.

Can you hear the soundtrack of "Fiddler on the Roof" playing in your head too ("Matchmaker, matchmaker...make me a match...). Trouble is, Sydney isn't quite as good as she thinks she might be:-)

Jane, her sister Samantha, and boss Lucinda all end up out of sorts with Sydney by the end of the novel...and yet, they all find that special someone in their own way. And even with Sydney's meddling, as it turns out she's not too far off base.

Change is in the wind for all of our beloved characters, so I don't know if we'll see another Sydney novel from Christa, but I for one am in love with her unique writing style. She transitions from scene to scene in such a fun and creative way, and her opening movie quotes are a kick as well.

In the world of chick-lit and finding Mr. Right, Christa Ann Banister is a unique voice that makes me glad 1) I'm no longer single:-) and 2) that she followed her heart and created such enjoyable fiction.

I'm giving "Blessed are the Meddlers" five out of five bookmarks, with an airline ticket as a charm...you'll have to decide where it's going to take you. Here's prayin' you have a friend in your life like Sydney!

"Blessed are the Meddlers" releases August 2008 from NavPress.

Happy Reading!


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