Monday, May 5, 2008

A Brief Update...

Helly Bloggy Friends and Reading Buddies!

Just a quick update on me ('cause it's all about me, doncha know--that's a joke--it's all about BOOKS!).

I'm two weeks into recovery, and as long as I don't do much of anything, I'm fine. Which sounds great...until you can't do much of anything, then it will drive you CRAZY!!

But I'm reading again, still slower than normal, but making progress through my piles of books. For now, if it doesn't grab me, it goes back into the pile for a second chance when I'm feeling better and more focused. Now, isn't that kind and generous of me:-)

I'm still grounded by my doctor and my husband, so packages mailed will be delayed a bit...thanks for your patience with me! I'll get the prizes out asap. And I'm putting together a new giveaway to be posted I think you'll like A LOT.

Here's a praise for you: initially, my reports detected no sign of cancer. But after surgery, the doctor sent everything to pathology, and then found signs of pre-cancerous tissue. Had I passed on this surgery...who knows when the doctor would have found it!

But God knew, and the doc has agreed that it was most likely making me feel run down and icky all over. I finally feel healthy again after months of not feeling "well", but not being "sick". So that's a HUGE praise in our household!

Still being monitored to make sure nothing remains that is of concern, and I won't be returning to my regular job for at least another month. So, lots of reading and rest (yeah, right! I'm going crazy, remember!!).

Thanks for hanging in there with me, for praying for me, and for being patient with me. This blog would be SO lonely without all of you, and I appreciate each and every reader more than you know!

Happy Reading!



Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had the surgery before anything turned cancerous!

I remember once when on bedrest thinking any other time I would have loved for someone to tell me to stay off my feet for a while -- until I had to! Hope you're not too restless and recover quickly.

Kim said...

Hey Deena!
Great news on the surgery! You mind your doctors now and get WELL!! I am so thankful that God got you on that operating table when He did! His timing is always perfect!

Talk to you soon!


Rel said...

Thanks for the update on your good self!!

I have to laugh about our reading - it seems every time I sit down to write a review I get a post update from you with a review of the very same book - LOL!!! I am currently working on Summer Snow for Titletrakk :)


Mark Baker said...

I hated all the rest I got a couple years ago, but as soon as it was over, I missed it. Go figure.

Take care of yourself. The mail can wait.

Nise' said...

Thanks for the update. Continued prayers for recovery!! May you be so engrossed in your reading that the time flies by;O)