Monday, May 12, 2008

Ashley's Unforgettable Summer by Grace Reddick


Debut author Grace Reddick has written a children's story that is full of imagination and impossibilities that are sure to delight young children! Rich with colorful illustrations, I think your family will enjoy this one!

"Ashley's Unforgettable Summer" is the tale of a young girl named Ashley and her unforgettable summer--oops, sorry about that...been helping my son with book reports lately:-) (Just kidding, Book Kid!)

Ashley and her family take a trip to Africa, but it isn't the kind of family vacation Ashley expected. Instead of luxury, they stay in huts, travel by land rovers called a Wacky Bus, and see the real Africa.

Unexpectedly (and unwisely in my parental opinion), Ashley's parents let her take home an exotic pet as a 'souvenir', and you'll never guess what she picks out! Okay, you probably will, so I'll just spill it...

...a chimp named Tina. And spill it is a good term, because Tina tends to get into EVERYTHING and spill and squirt and a toddler on Pixie Sticks! Ashley and her friend Rylee spend their summer chasing after the chimpanzee and keeping up with her antics.

Kids will love the trouble Tina gets into. She's a female version of Curious George, with a hint more mischief and a bit more mess! This would be a wonderful series that will keep children entertained and expand their imaginations.

Just do NOT run out and buy them a chimp! Buy them this book instead:-) I'm giving "Ashley's Unforgettable Summer" four out of five bookmarks, with a whisk broom as a charm...she's going to need it!

Happy Reading!


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