Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Princess Bubble by Susan Johnston & Kimberly Webb

I'm so thankful for children's books right now, or I wouldn't have anything read! I'm also finding out that this is a genre I dearly love, and there are some GREAT books out there, such as "Princess Bubble"!

Written by Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb, this is an intelligent and freeing response to the classic fairytale story told to young girls through the ages. Princess Bubble is your every day princess...even with her own traditional "once upon a time" opening.

She has princess things, princess friends, basically lives the princess life. But, while all her princess friends are finding their princes and having royal weddings, Princess Bubble is playing the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Soon, other princesses are pushing her to find her own prince. So is Momma the Queen. This is where the authors get clever with a capital "C"!! I loved the humor and the nod to modern culture they add in, and these bits make the story relatable to young girls today!

I'm not going to spoil the message of the book for you, but let's just say this ain't your momma's fairytale ending:-) With adorable illustrations and a clever design--the inside covers, both front and back are littered with hand drawn pictures from little girls, princesses in their own imaginations--this is a book that NEEDS to become a classic!

With just a hint of a spiritual message, some may criticize the book. But I think it is perfectly crafted, to cross boundaries and to still point the way to God. Any family could read this book and find true direction, and I'm hoping to find a stronger faith message on their website or blog. (Edited to add: I'm happy to report the answer is "YES"!)

I'm thrilled to recommend this storybook HIGHLY, and can't wait to let my daughter read it (and she's 18!!). My sister-in-law found it and read it and fell in love with it as well. I'm giving "Princess Bubble" five out of five bookmarks, with a princess phone as a charm ('cause EVERY princess needs a phone:-).

I'm also hoping these talented ladies continue to write books for young girls. Ya hear that, Susan and Kim?!? Your voices are needed for today's generation!!

Happy Reading!


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