Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lord, Change Me: Self Talk, Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild (AND A HUGE GIVEAWAY!)


God has just blessed me lately with such encouraging and inspiring books. And the message of each one is so timely as well! My next selection to introduce to you deals with a subject I have battled my entire life...


Jennifer Rothschild is gorgeous, both inside and out! And this is a woman who knows her Bible! In her latest book, "Self Talk, Soul Talk", she once again shares intimately from her own life, lending authenticity to her teaching and instruction.

Jennifer makes the case that we all too often talk to ourselves in ways that we would never dream of talking to others. So why do we think it is okay to talk to ourselves that way? Her main point is this: what we say to ourselves affects the health of our souls, and ultimately, our relationship with God.

She shares an abundance of Scripture on things we can begin to say to our souls that will bring health and healing, such as "March on, O my soul; be strong," Judges 5:21; and "My soul...put your hope in God," Psalm 42:5.

Jennifer opens by sharing from her personal "thought closet", revealing the damaging way she talked to herself as she was growing up and becoming a new wife and new mom. Then she takes us on a journey to clean up our own "thought closet".

After some instruction on choosing healthier ways to communicate with ourselves, Jennifer gives us seven things we should say to our souls. She talks about quieting our souls, resting, persevering, and praising the Lord in our souls.

Her book includes two appendices: Soul-Talk Starters and How to Make It Well with Your Soul, both sections that are vital for the message she is communicating to us. Another feature to take advantage of is her website designed just for this book, where you can share on message boards and continue to learn to speak well to your soul.

Jennifer's books always speak to my heart...this one speaks to my heart AND soul. I'm giving "Self Talk, Soul Talk" six out of five bookmarks, with a tiny tape recorder as a charm...time for me and YOU to erase the old tapes of negative and abusive self talk so we can have souls full of light and joy again!

This book is so inviting, informative, encouraging and enlightening, I'm giving away 3 COPIES ON APRIL 1ST (NO FOOLING!). So leave me a comment, and I'll pick three of you to win a copy.

Happy Reading!



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windycindy said...

I really like your idea of your "Lord, Change Me Book Reviews & Giveaways!" There are times in my life that those are the kind of books I need/want to read. Please enter me in your contest. Many thanks,Cindi
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ChristyJan said...

Inviting, informative, encouraging and enlightening are all things that I could use more of in my life. Please enter me to win a copy.

It's my birthday on APRIL 1ST (NO FOOLING!).

Bebemiqui said...

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I've gotten to where I only enter for Christian literature. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Sounds like something I ought to read.

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Jennifer Rothschild said...

Deena. Thank you for blessing me with such a nice review of my book. It means so much to me that God is using this book. And doe you to give away three copies. Whoohooo. I'll make it more fun, for any women who enters your drawing and doesn't win, we will send them a 20% discount coupon to buy the book cheap. Just have them send us an email at that says "Deena's Discount for Self Talk Soul Talk" in the subject line. Keep up the reading - it truly has openned the world to me. May your friends read read and read a little more. Blessings. Jennifer Rothschild

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