Sunday, March 30, 2008

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Trish Ryan


For anyone who has longed for happily ever after...

For anyone who has ever wondered about this "Jesus thing"...

For anyone who is lost and searching and not finding answers...

For anyone who genuinely seeks truth and joy and love... gotta read this book!!

Trish Ryan's candid memoir about finding faith in the real God, finding hope in His promises and find happily ever after by trusting Him is both a joy and a revelation to read.

Her honesty is both refreshing and startling. Trish holds nothing back on this journey to faith and love. She chronicles her false starts and bad finishes in the race to the altar, as well as her mystic journey to find her true self, and how she finally fell into the arms of Jesus.

For someone like me, born again at a young age and raised in the church, I found Trish's memoir heartbreaking and eye-opening. Watching the church she attended (Vineyard) reach out to her showed me what true evangelism is really supposed to be. And hearing her thoughts on what she thought "us" Christians were...well, it drove me to my knees.

And made me re-think a few things.

Reading of all the times her small group and church family prayed for her and over her, how they prayed and what they opened my eyes to a dimension of my spiritual walk that has been hit and miss and sadly lacking.

And knowing her heart's desire for that one man to truly love her madly, deeply and passionately, with the love of God poured out on her through reminded me of just how blessed I am.

See, I too wandered in the wilderness of broken dreams and shattered hearts. I tried to manipulate life to match God's will for me, or what I wanted to be God's will for me. And as I watched God snatch Trish back from the precipice of destruction, I was reminded of all the times He snatched me back as well.

I'd love to meet Trish and Steve in real life...I have a feeling the four of us (me and my husband Dave) would get along SO well, and learn so much from one another. And isn't that what the church is all about??

This isn't just a book about a woman's journey to marriage. Oh, no, this is SO much more than that. This is a woman's chronicled journey to a deep and abiding faith and trust in Christ that cannot help but inspire you and change you.

It blows all of your preconceived notions about faith in God out of the water, and revitalizes your already existing relationship with Him.

For the skeptic, it makes you think about and consider what you don't have and what you're seeking.

For the believer, it makes you wonder in awe and embrace what you do have and what you're longing for.

This is so much more than I had imagined.....kind of like my relationship with Christ:-) Trish Ryan is a modern day Esther, writing her memoir for such a time and a generation as this.

Buy this book for those who are searching for love and for true spiritual meaning in life. Challenge them to read this cover to cover, and then discuss it with them. Those who are genuinely searching will not be able to remain unchanged...and it will challenge those who think they've found the real deal in the fake and phony to look a little deeper into Jesus.

When Oprah seems to have all the answers, it turns out Trish Ryan can point us all to the One who does. Wish Oprah would pick this as one of her book picks!

I'm giving "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" the much deserved golden bookmark, with huge gratitude for opening my eyes to what is already mine. To learn more about Trish, visit her website by clicking here.

Happy Reading!


P.S. A small warning: there is some mild language in this book, but I think you can handle it. If not...then I guess I was mistaken. Don't let that stop you from the powerful message found here, please.

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