Sunday, March 30, 2008

Killer Mousse by Melinda Wells


Meet the latest female culinary sleuths to hit the shelves: Della Carmichael, cooking school owner and television star...and murder suspect?

Della is filming her first ever cooking show on the Better Living network when her nerves are shattered by a venomous attack from the previous hostess, Mimi Bond. Replaced by Della, Mimi unleashes a drunken verbal lashing on Della before she debuts, then takes a center seat in the studio audience.

But things really come to a boil when Della finds out Mimi is her "taster", a last minute notice announcement. When Mimi takes a spoonful of Killer Mousse...well, you know the drill.

Who knew about the mousse? Who tampered with it enough to do Mimi in? And who wants to set Della up for murder?

When another Better Living star is murdered, Della moves from suspect to target. Her deceased husband's former partner is on the case, and showing more interest in Della than is proper.

With a wide spectrum of suspects, this mystery has the potential to be a delicious adventure. But "Killer Mousse" falls short in the "ick" factor category. Right in the middle of an excellent murder investigation, Della decides to...well...get "intimate" with the reporter on the case.

Which really bugged me for three reasons: 1) totally unnecessary; 2) totally unrealistic; 3) totally TMI (too much information). Yes, people, I'm a literary prude...and I like my cozies a little less cozy, if you know what I mean. To quote Della, "Out of bed, I don't even like him."

Hello?? Problem here!!

Thus, I'm uncertain on this new series. While the characters are fun and the recipes delish, I just don't know about the "ick"...jury's still out on this one. If you don't mind a little hanky panky with your fingerprint powder, then you'll enjoy this one.

But I prefer mayhem to "ahem" I'm giving "Killer Mousse" three out of five bookmarks, with a gingerbread house as a charm.

Happy Reading!



Angie said...

I love cozy mysteries and was thinking about getting this one so thank you for the heads up on the "ick" factor. Like you I too am a literary prude. :) So I do believe I will skip this one.

Mark Baker said...

I thought I'd commented before, but I guess it didn't take. :)

I had already bought this book when I read your comment, so I went ahead and read it. I am with you 100%. The romantic sub-plot, including the stuff with John, really turned me off.