Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pick The Prize!!

Hopefully, you've read my post on the reading contest between myself and my 14 year old son...if not, click here.

So, here's your chance to vote...what should the prize be for the one who finishes and reviews "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness" by Andrew Peterson be?

Leave a comment with your suggestion...and you just might win a prize yourself:-)

Happy Reading!



Amy said...

hmm an all expense paid trip to coldstone creamery?

ForstRose said...

A book of the winner's choice that they don't already have and aren't expecting to get a copy of otherwise.


Kim said...

Since I have a 14-year-old who loves to read....and putting myself in your shoes...he'd want PIZZA!!!

If I won, I'd want dinner at the Chinese Restaurant! If I don't have to cook, I have more time to read!


C-Squared said...

Ten somethings from the Something Store. You're practically guaranteed a cool prize in there.


Bebemiqui said...

An Amazon GC, so they can buy a book.

mudrash said...

I am with Amy on this one: Dessert! (paid for by the slowest of the two)


sassy2 said...

Dark Sea, hmm, how about a nice sized bag of gummy sea critters.

Tara said...

how about a mom-son date where the winner gets to choose the activity?

windycindy said...

How about the winner gets a special meal cooked just for them! Cindi

Danielle said...

Winner gets to choose the next book to review together! Keep it going!
dansan826 at yahoo.com

Amanda said...

Dessert and hot chocolate out on the town (and you should go no matter who wins).