Sunday, February 17, 2008

Idol Girls by Haley DiMarco


Some books just look like fun, don't they? And the information they contain is way cool as well...especially in the case of "Idol Girls" by Haley DiMarco!

Haley opens with the question, "What's your obsession?", then proceeds to give accurate and easy to understand discussions of idol worship, obsession, and worship. With teen language and fresh graphics, Haley points out how easy it is in today's culture to find yourself worshipping anything and everything but God.

Packed with Scripture and quotes from famous people, this is a book for today's teen and young adult woman (I'm middle aged, and I got a lot out of it as well:-). And talk about relevant...

What's the most popular show on television today? American Idol, of course...

With a cover reminiscent of Paris Hilton and content that grabs attention and makes a clear and "pointed" point about true worship, Haley touches on being "emo" (which I had to ask my daughters to explain to me--told you I was middle aged:-), dying to self the right way, and how to battle our "dark idols" (i.e., self loathing, cutting, negative self-talk, etc.).

I love the conversational style of Haley's writing. Too many books for teens are written as if they are for adults, and even more are so busy trying to be "hip" (there's that middle aged thing again!) that they dumb down the message of Scripture.

But Haley doesn't fall into either trap, and she does it with style and compassion. I can see her heart for teen girls in her writing, and she is on my top ten authors for teen girls! You just can't go wrong with a book by Haley DiMarco!

I'm giving "Idol Girls" five out of five bookmarks, with a Paris Hilton style purse as a charm...and inside you'll find a hot pink Bible and journal. 'Cause after reading THIS book, I've got my worship in the right place and on the right One.

Be watching for a review from a soon to be 18 year old girl on this one coming soon...I'll be linking to her as soon as she posts (that would be my daughter, who explains all unknowable things to her middle aged mother:-)

Happy Reading!


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