Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cozy up With a Cozy: Review Eight--Mistaken for the Mob by Ginny Aiken


Still weathering the winter chill? How about another cozy mystery to curl up with? Get your lap blanket, light your fireplace and get a cup of your favorite warm beverage for this'll be sitting awhile....


This cozy is a comedy of errors deluxe! "Mistaken for the Mob" is the first in a series by Ginny Aiken, one of my favorite cozy authors. The detectives are hard-boiled...well, more like soft-boiled...the heroine is a tad ditzy but totally sweet, and the mystery...well it's not what you'd expect!

Maryanne Wellborn has made the difficult decision to place her father in a retirement home, but not against his will. Oh, no, not at all! He's enjoying life and loving every minute with his new friends. Problem is, so many of the residents of the care home are passing away from various causes...

...especially the premier patient, a man known in mob circles as "the Laundromat". When he turns up dead, the FBI gets involved, and they suspect mild mannered Maryanne the librari-anne (as J.Z. Prophet, FBI detective prefers to call her).

J.Z. has his own baggage...a father who actually worked with the mob, to the death of his marriage and the death of J.Z.'s mother. So he sees blood in the water, but could it merely be red ink from the books Maryanne passes out at the care home?

What will it take for Maryanne to convince this fed on her heels that she's innocent? Well, not a makeover, and NOT befriending the dead mobsters widow, that's for sure!

This is a fun and crazy chase to find out whodunit, and whether or not Maryanne and J.Z. will ever "get it". I enjoyed it so much, I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks, with a tiny library card as a charm. Ginny has two more books in this series that I hope to read and review soon. So be watching for more From the Mob series!

Happy Reading!



Amy said...

I enjoyed these books as well! I think my favorite was the second one.

Nise' said...

Oh yeah, we are still weathering the winter chill!! Sounds like a fun book.

Brittanie said...

I loved this whole series. :)