Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day Two of For Parents Only!

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Famous for titles such as "For Women Only" and "For Young Women Only", Shaunti Feldhahn has joined writing forces with Lisa A. Rice to author a wonderful resource for parents of all ages!

After conducting extensive research, surveys, and from personal experience, the two came to six conclusions:

1) Freedom is intoxicating, and teens will do anything to keep it.

2) Separation leads to their own identity, but they still long to have our affirmation and guidance.

3) Boundaries will be tested, but must remain in place for their sense of security.

4) While they may seem like aliens, teens need to know we are making an effort to "get them", and will shut us out if we don't make the effort.

5) A listening ear leads to open communication, but dropping the hammer will shut it down and put up walls.

6) Attitude = insecurity and fear, and we need to help build their self-confidence in healthy and genuine ways.

Now, those are their findings in my own words, but that's the gist of it. And if you'd like to read "their words"....enter my contest, or buy a copy of the book...it's worth the investment, because it's an investment in your child(ren).

Happy Reading!


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