Monday, November 26, 2007

On Tour With "Scarlet" by Stephen Lawhead!!

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We're on tour this week with "Scarlet" by Stephen Lawhead, book two in the King Raven Trilogy! This is a block-buster event unlike anything written by Mr. Lawhead, and it is a fascinating and fresh look at the Robin Hood legend.

Me being me, I had to begin at the I got my hands on "Hood", the first novel in this series, and sat down to read.

I got lost in Wales (they hate it when you call it that...but they don't know where I live!) and in the re-telling of the tale. While many familiar elements of the story are changed (i.e., no Sherwood Forest), you really don't miss them all that much.

Instead, you find a plausible account of how Robin Hood, called merely "Hood", came to be. I thoroughly enjoyed this account of the origins of the man and his not so merry band of followers...and for such a huge fan of Kevin Costner's version...that's saying a lot!

Click here for my review of "Hood". I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on "Scarlet", and on Wednesday with a treat and some preview news!

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Happy Reading!



Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great intro, Deena. I didn't start at the beginning, though I generally think that's the best way to go. Happily, I didn't feel lost when I read Scarlet. I thought he did a good job of catching the reader up.


chrisd said...

Oh, Deena. The Costner version was one of the reason's I was hesitant about reading the book!

(you'll have to come by and see why)

Really good intro!

I didn't start this book at the beginning but found it didn't matter.

But that's for Wednesday.