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On Tour With George Bryan Polivka, author of "The Legend of the Firefish!!

I'm proud to now be a member of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Alliance, and so pleased to introduce you to a new favorite author of mine, Mr. George Bryan Polivka!

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George allowed me to ask him a few questions, and his answers were both insightful and fun to read! So, without further ado, Mr. George Bryan Polivka!!

1) What led you to write a such a swashbuckling fantasy?

The lure and romance of the sea. I feel that pull keenly, as only those born far from the ocean do, I think. The books are all about yearning and dreams, and that just seemed the only possible setting. And of course, there's lots of potential for action.

2) Your third book in the Trophy Chase trilogy is due out soon. Any plans for a new series in the works?

Not yet. I have been and still am so consumed with these books (on top of work, and family, and church, etc.), that I'm not really focused yet on the next project. I have some ideas, and some old manuscripts I am thinking about dusting off, but nothing that could be called a plan. My editor is pushing me, though!

3) What was the most challenging aspect of writing Packer's story?

Well, Packer Throme does a whole lot of growing over the course of three books. And that's always a challenge.. keeping the core person, motivations, dreams... while changing in significant and real ways. Both he and Panna, who is his love interest and has her own, separate story in many ways, grow and change, rising to different challenges. That, and keeping all the details of plot straight!

4) Many have said that Christianity and fantasy really don't mix. How would you respond to that statement?

Christianity is the most unbelievable fantasy ever invented... God coming to earth in a human body, walking the planet incognito, hated, killed by his own creation, then bringing them out of their own cruelty and back to him, saving a handful, wreaking his vengeance on the rest, destroying their world, replacing it with a new one. It's unbelievable. But it's true. It's too good to be true, but it's true anyway. Any other fantasy is a pale shade in comparison. But we are given imagination in order to apprehend God, to know the infinite. So I'd say no, they don't mix. One is the goal of the other.

5) Who influences your writing? Any favorite authors in this genre?

Tolkien, Lewis, Madeleine L'Engle, Charles Williams, Charles Dickens, Seamus Heaney, and David McCullough (yes, the history guy). My favorite authors span a lot of genres.

So, there you go...short and sweet! Hey, I didn't want to hog ALL the limelight--I have friends coming along on this swing by and check out all that they have to offer on this fascinating fantasy tour. And don't forget to pick up a copy of "The Legend of the Firefish"!

For my review, come back tomorrow:-)

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