Sunday, July 29, 2007

Off The Record by Elizabeth White

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I've been a fan of Elizabeth White's writing for a long, long time. So I was thrilled to discover she was writing full novels, and I devoured "Fireworks" and "Fair Game" as soon as they released.

But I have to admit, "Off The Record" is by far her best writing so far! With a glimpse into the political arena like never before, Elizabeth has created characters that leap off the page and you just can't help but love.

Judge Laurel Kinkade is battling to win the Chief Justice seat on the State Supreme Court of Alabama. Her campaign is honorable and doing very well; something her opponent doesn't like at all.

Enter Cole McGaughan, a reporter from New York, sent to report on any skeletons he can dig up in Judge Kinkaid's squeaky clean past. What those who've sent him don't know is that he IS the skeleton, and it's a past both he and Laurel want kept secret.

But when the help of a so-called friend ends up spilling the story and earning him the scoop of the race, can his relationship with Judge Laurel be restored? Can the past be healed and the future be filled with hope?

Filled with authentic and rich detail about the election process and tales of the campaign trail, this story has all the elements I love in a novel: suspense, intrigue, romance, faith, and humor. Scripture says the truth will set you free once truth is known, and this story is an excellent illustration of the power of truth and lies in a believer's life.

"Off the Record" gets five out of five bookmarks from me, with a little judge's gavel as a charm...can't wait til Elizabeth's next novel "Controlling Interest" is released!

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Jenny said...

Looks good! It's going on the never ending list!

Brittanie said...

I lovvved this book two. I have not done a review yet. It is my favorite of hers. I received the book I won from you in the mail today. It looks great. Thank you.

bethsquill said...

So happy you enjoyed it, Deena and Brittanie. Thanks for helping me get the word out.

Blessings to you!