Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter and the Favorite Moments Meme: Week Two, Question One

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We went an entire week discussing the series, and avoided any spoilers on behalf of the poor souls who are still reading...but no more! I have to talk about book 7!!

My husband is in the process of viewing all of the Harry Potter movies with me, in preparation for taking me to see The Order of the Phoenix (it will be twice for me, once for him)...he's being sucked into the Potter universe!! Hurray!!

So, on to Book 7, "The Deathly Hallows"...first and foremost, are you satisfied with the entire series as a whole? And second, what one thing surprised you the most about book 7?

For me, satisfied?? Yes and no. I mean, it had to end sometime. I despise fantasy series that keep on going and going and going, never letting the hero(es) get to the end of their quest (or continually sending them on one quest after another). We all live for resolution in our lives, and I'm glad the resolution to the Harry vs. Voldemort battle is finally here.

But I'm incredibly sad that there's no more Harry to look forward to. Oh, I know we still have the last two movies, but won't be the same. No new new characters to fall in love more exploration of this magical world.

So it's bittersweet for me. And that epilogue?? Just didn't do it for me. I have tons more questions for Jo!

But as an ending to such an epic adventure? Yes, immensely satisfied. She stayed true to the parameters of her story, and gave it all a fitting ending.

What surprised me most was how each chapter left me hanging. I had moments where I was sure Hermione or Ron or Hagrid or Harry or somebody else had met their end, only to turn the page and find out....well, I'll just leave it at that....unless you've finished won't know which one really DID meet their end:-) But it was far more suspenseful reading than I thought possible.

So, now it's your turn...and remember, the spoiler ban is hereby spoil away!!

Happy Reading!



Amanda said...

Love this question!!

soleil said...

whew! i'm finally caught up! thanks so much for hosting this deena. it's been great fun. i'm sad too that there are no more books and new adventures to look forward to and it was bittersweet up until the end but now that i've finished reading i just feel joy and grateful that i was able to experience the releases firsthand. that i was able to be a part of something even if it was a small small part. wasn't around for all the other epic stuff that came out ages and ages ago.

Amanda said...

Good post, Deena! I agree, the saddest thing to me is NO more wizarding world to explore. That's my favorite part--the flying memos, floo powder, portkeys, st. mungo's, sneakoscopes and the other cool things JKR made up!

I know you've read my review but here it is just in case:

Amanda said...

oops, wrong link:

EllieMae said...

I too am sad about not exploring more of the wizarding world!!

Deborah said...

yes i'm satisfied because pretty much every loose end is tied up and everyone lives happily ever after and the good guys win. not satisfied because it's over and i have no more real harry potter books to look forward to.

what surprised me? FRED DYING. WHY?????? i was expecting Lupin, Tonk and Mad Eye were a bit of a shock, Dobby was sad, but why Fred??? George has lost an ear and his twin now! And we don't find out what happens to George in the epilogue. Does Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes survive??