Sunday, July 15, 2007

All The Tea In China by Jane Orcutt

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Jane Orcutt's last novel is called a "rollicking regency", and it most definitely lives up to its name! "All The Tea In China" is a marvelously entertaining tale of Isabella Goodrich and her desire to be of use to God.

Isabella Goodrich and her sister are raised by an Uncle, Tobias Fitzwater. As dean of Christ Church at Oxford, he has allowed her to be trained in the art of fencing, as well as many intellectual pursuits.

Isabella meets Phineas Snowe at a dinner party orchestrated by one of her so-called friends. While he isn't the least bit attractive to her, she finds his tale of mission work to China intriguing.

Convinced she is meant to be a spinster and unable to fit into English society, Isabella decides to follow Phineas to China, to work alongside him and Miss Whipple.
Problem is, not everyone is in favor of Isabella's decision.

And what is Phineas not telling her? Who is Miss Julia Whipple? And what faces Isabella in China?

With humor, wit, and an eye for detail, Jane Orcutt has penned both an intriguing romance and a historical tale that is rich reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the witty dialogue between Isabella and...well, everyone she encounters. And the ending was satisfying, but not what I expected at all.

Sadly, Jane has left us in this life. But her legacy lives on in her family, her faith in Christ, and in her abundant storytelling. I've read that all proceeds from this novel go to help her husband raise their children. So pick up a copy of "All The Tea In China".

I give "All The Tea In China" four out of five bookmarks. And think of the stories she's telling now, in Heaven! Thank you, Jane, for sharing your gift with all of us.

Happy Reading!



Vader's Mom said...

That sounds like a wonderful read. I'm off to add it to my list.

Denise said...

Going to read this one.

Susanne said...

I've been seeing this one in the odd site. You've really stirred my interest in it, so I'll be putting it on my list!