Friday, May 11, 2007

Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel

I grew up watching her on "Facts of Life" and I've grown to love her even more as a sister in Christ. Now I love her as an author, and her book on mommy care is wonderful.

"Taking Care of the Me in Mommy" is more than just a clever title--it's a practical book divided up into five parts, each caring for a different aspect of our lives as women.

Lisa begins with the most important part of a woman; taking care of your spirit. The topics are timely and well written, and continue into taking care of your body, your soul (mind), finding time for yourself, and finding time for each other.

Each chapter has "rest stops" for you to take time to process what you've read. Her helps on caring for your spirit are practical and easily implemented. She knows we're busy women, and she doesn't lay a heavy guilt trip on us...she's been there, done that! But each suggestion has deep meaning and when applied, will change us from the inside out into the kind of wife, mom and women we long to be.

One word of advice...DON'T try to do all that she suggests!! She gives us a wide variety of choices to care for ourselves, and doing them all would require another book..."Unburning Out the Me in Mommy"!! But choose what works in your circumstance, then go and choose another idea for variety or to keep from getting stale.

"Taking Care of the Me in Mommy" gets a full five bookmarks...I love the help without the guilt trip...although my bags are always packed for a quick getaway to "I Shoulda Island"....I need this book:-)

Happy Reading!


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