Friday, May 11, 2007

The Soul Hunter by Melanie Wells

Melanie Wells' novels are NOT for the faint of heart. Even I, lover of all things spiritual and deep, got a little creeped out reading this one!

This is the second in the Day of Evil series. In book one, we met Peter Terry and Dylan Foster and watched the battle begin. Dylan is a psychological professor at Southern Methodist University, and she deals with the tormented, the tortured....and the homesick college students at SMU.

Her last battle with Peter Terry revealed some chinks in her armor, and opened her up to relationships with other short, she begins to trust again. But she hasn't made a whole lot of progress since book one...and then PT comes back, with a vengeance.

A bloody ax shows up on her doorstep, and she is plunged into a mystery that takes on heavy supernatural overtones. Melanie's depth of knowledge of Scripture and of writings of the ancient religious world is phenomenal...and I one day hope to have the time to track where she has been. For now, I trust her facts and find them intriguing.

I cannot reveal much more or it ruins the adventure of exploring alongside Dylan as she discovers who Peter is and what he is all about. Trust me--if the idea of spiritual warfare ala Frank Peretti is more than you can me and I'll tell you about the books. But if you are up for a spiritual challenge that may change the way you view the spiritual realm...then dive in and prepare to go deep!

The Soul Hunter gets four bookmarks and a sword of the Spirit bookmark charm...'cause I know how much I need my armor on!

Happy Reading!



Deborah said...

i forgot to email you but i got the linda hall book the other day. thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...


I have not heard of this series but it does sound like something I would be into. I wanted to let you know that I have tagged you with the 8 random things meme. Please go over to my blog at for details.