Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney by Randy Singer

I've read everything Randy Singer has written, and I must admit...I had my concerns about this novel. When an author writes non-fiction as a companion to his or her fiction, I anticipate a sermon disguised as a story.

Boy, was I WRONG!!

The basic premise of the story is a man diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor is afraid to die. He doesn't know what to believe about God, the afterlife, or anything else.

Fortunately for him, he's rich. So he cobbles together a Survivor like reality series called "Faith On Trial" and books 5 contestants, one to represent each of the prominent faiths in America today.

Each contestant is going to defend their faith in the face of a series of tests, cross examinations, and while on trial for their faith. The winner gets 1 million dollars for his or her favorite charity.

Judge Oliver Finney is representing Chrisianity, and a fine representation he is! I adored this judge, and all of his sidekicks that weren't allowed to help him. Nikki is a hoot as his assistant, and her diligence to help when she doesn't believe is fun to watch.

I say the BASIC premise, because, as usual, there's more going on than Randy lets on in the beginning. This story doesn't disappoint...and while there may be a sermon in this is not hard to sit through, nor hard to digest. It's an education in a novel...and worth reading!

Realistic all the way to the end, "The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney" is a novel you WILL NOT want to miss. If you've ever been a fan or John Grisham or Scott'll ADORE Randy Singer!!

"The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney" gets the full five bookmarks from me...and a little gavel charm for the Judge!

Happy Reading!


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